Alabama Property And Actual Property Laws

Gathering Your Information

Bedrock Developers LLC bought property at 1053 Blackthorne Drive to John and Jacqueline Cortese for $441,273. Donald Clay bought property at 338 Wilson Drive to Lori Wright for $fifty eight,000. Aaron Mosha Schreiber bought property at 163 Universal Road to Michael and Deanna Butler for $one hundred and five,000. TOC Management LLC offered property at 723 Southern Ave. to Aru Brandeis Ross for $one hundred fifty five,000. John Parrish sold property at 470 Shadywood Drive to Dominique Briggs for $142,500.

A. Basmajian trustee bought property at 5532 Front St. to Derrick Milton for $20,000. Estate of Ralph Ridley offered property at 357 Collins Drive to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $ninety seven,000. MidFirst Bank offered property at Althea Drive to Renova LLC for $74,440. Chimera RE NR1-LLC bought property at 509 Second St. to Brian Steele and Lois Vitti for $ninety eight,a hundred seventy five. Timothy Martin sold property at 52 Broadway Ave. to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC for $16,875.

Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC sold property at 162 Shearer Road to Mario and Lucia Palombo for $one hundred and one,480. Joe Diulus sold property at 729 Providence Drive to Joseph Diulus for $104,900. William Kokal sold property at 1103 Oblock Road to Kiel Owens and Jaquilla Rollins for $193,000. Estate of Wayne Pursh bought property at 117 Lynn Ann Drive to Charles and Lori Kimball for $255,000. Andre Grace bought property at 528 Cresthaven Drive to Stephanie Hill for $358,000. Dennis Towe offered property at 858 Center Road to Michael and Sherry Podobnik for $19,000. Michael Ricciuti Construction LLC offered property at 650 Beech Road to John Rhoades for $120,000.

Companies On The Market

Anthony Tantalo sold property at 1005 Franklin St. to James Michael and Melissa Jean Hans for $106,400. Shirley Lisenbigler bought property at 2111 Claridge Elliott Road to Brian and Jacqueline Mears for $four,454 (state deed switch stamps indicate a value of $33,191). Sandy Hill Meadows Builders LLC sold property at 190 Ciocco Court to Stephen and Cathy Ruzicka for $289,900.

Options to purchase real property are also commonly utilized by smaller-scale multifamily developers. In these cases, the choice to buy may embody a variable scale related to the entitlement course of. With entitlement eventualities, the acquisition value is usually based upon what is ultimately accredited to go on the site.

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Timothy Lee bought property at 410 Agatha St. to HQO Holdings LLC for $32,000. Robert Lewis offered property at Third St. to Macragge Holdings II LLC for $56,500. Darrell Fatalsky bought property at 742 State Route one hundred thirty to Wesley Aaron Lozovoy and Jaimee Gathers for $230,000. Luanne Caskey sold property at 1012 Rooster Court to Ryan and April McCloy for $560,000. Ralph Delaplane bought property at 1717 Ridge Road to Melissa Shaffer for $257,500. Joseph Pandolph offered property at 145 Penn Woods Drive to Evan Maurizi for $222,000.

Daniel Rittmeyer bought property at 143 Penn Woods Drive to Jill Brallier for $237,000. NVR Inc. offered property at 1046 Gombach Road to Samuel White for $330,375.