Hampton Real Property Property Data

Alejandro Lopez bought property at 414 Hochberg Road to TOC Management LLC for $15,000. Susan Burkhouse offered property at 4021 Greenridge Drive to Natural Home Solutions LLC for $105,000. Brian Edwardo bought property at 171 Glenfield Drive to Edwin and Kathy Lightcap for $126,900.

Joseph Bertagna sold property at 112 Castle Hill Road to Kenneth and Jill Lawrence for $254,000. Davi Schropp sold property at one hundred fifteen Orchard Drive to David and Angela Blawas for $19,000. Diane Blevins offered property at 208 Oak St. to Matthew Senkow for $183,500. Land Bank sold property at 1297 First St. to Charles Charrie for $10,000. Cynthia Amore offered property at 206 Elmore Road to Craig Kodman for $181,375. Mark Ashby bought property at 2775 Italy Road to Joseph Ferri for $74,500.

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A. Basmajian trustee sold property at 5532 Front St. to Derrick Milton for $20,000. Estate of Ralph Ridley bought property at 357 Collins Drive to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $97,000. MidFirst Bank sold property at Althea Drive to Renova LLC for $74,440. Chimera RE NR1-LLC bought property at 509 Second St. to Brian Steele and Lois Vitti for $ninety eight,a hundred seventy five. Timothy Martin bought property at 52 Broadway Ave. to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC for $16,875.

Gerard Stiefvater sold property at 1267 Fall Lane to John Osheka and Vicki Orsini for $268,100. Paul Balogh bought property at 551 Clay Pike to Abagail Carly for $265,000. John Hynes sold property at 850 First St. to Brian and Laura Znavor for $420,000.

Robert Karl sold property at 35 Second St. to David Andrascik for $34,000. Richard Matelan sold property at 253 Whitney Chase Lane to Matthew and Ashley Macurak for $260,500. Estate of Donald Ditter bought property at St. Clair Drive to RP2ALL LLC for $178,000.

Anthony Tantalo sold property at 1005 Franklin St. to James Michael and Melissa Jean Hans for $106,four hundred. Shirley Lisenbigler offered property at 2111 Claridge Elliott Road to Brian and Jacqueline Mears for $4,454 (state deed switch stamps point out a price of $33,191). Sandy Hill Meadows Builders LLC offered property at a hundred ninety Ciocco Court to Stephen and Cathy Ruzicka for $289,900.

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Cory Gardone bought property at 10 W White Oak Drive to James Henderson Jr. for $147,000. Phoenix North Associates offered property at 4000 Triangle Lane to 1776 Property Management LLC for $1,250,000. David Rockman offered property at 310 Rainprint Lane to Matthew Jay and Rebecca Jean Maners for $174,900. Estate of Rita Faulk sold property at 6424 Old William Penn Highway to Raymond and Lisa Campbell for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a price of $84,693). Stacy Lloyd bought property at 3474 Ivy Drive to John and Robert Schreck for $one hundred,300. HTE Housing LLC sold property at 4815 Hobaugh Ave. to Collin Meenihan and Jessica Regula for $220,000.