Need Help With HOA Management In Phoenix? 7 Aspects That Matter

Managing the affairs of your community is a challenging task. The HOA is similar to a business in many ways, and therefore, the work must be done professionally. The elected board is expected to look into the welfare of the community, but board members have limited time and may not possess all skills required to manage everything. That’s where phoenix hoa management companies can step in. If this is the first time that your HOA board is outsourcing management work, here are the seven aspects that matter. 

  1. Size of your community. If yours is a vast community, the work will be significantly more, and therefore, it is absolutely important to find a firm that has that kind of experience. The most effective way to start the search is to list things or tasks that would be outsourced to the new company. 
  2. Consider available financial resources. When funds are limited, the board must do its homework before choosing an HOA management firm. There is no point in hiring a massive firm with a markup on every service, mainly because your financial resources wouldn’t allow paying such high prices. 
  3. Check if you have enough volunteers. Just hiring a firm is not enough. The board members and other resident volunteers must take part in the HOA work to keep a tab on the company in charge. A team must be in place, at least for the initial months, to oversee the work of the HOA management firm. 
  4. Experience in the field is equally important. If you have shortlisted a few firms and are now looking to compare the options, always start with their clientele. Has the company handled HOAs and communities with similar requirements as yours? Do they have clients with parallel requirements? The goal is to choose a firm that can align its expertise and experience to serve the community better. 
  5. Review the services a firm can offer. Each community association management company has its own set of services, and it is best to check if their services are comprehensive enough to meet the demands of your HOA. It makes no sense to hire a separate firm for administrative work because the current company has no experience in that department. 

Finally, ask for proposals and check what you get for the given price. The quote indicates what the HOA management company can offer for a fee, although experience should topple everything else.