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mansion definitionWord Originlate Center English (denoting the chief residence of a lord): by way of Outdated French from Latin mansio(n-) ‘place the place somebody stays’, from manere ‘stay’.Additional examples The historic mansion stands in a hundred and sixty acres of parkland. A modern mansion at present might not necessarily be limited to a single house standing alone, but like Roman Emperor Nero ‘s Domus Aurea , mansions may be compounds or a grouping of bigger houses. She had always understood that the Starkweather mansion was in one of many oldest and most respectable parts of New York. Although measurement and the variety of rooms play a part, other features define what a mansion is as effectively. N. In Oriental and medieval astronomy, one among twenty-eight parts into which the zodiac is divided; a lunar mansion (which see, underneath lunar).

When Horiike sued Cortazzo and Coldwell Banker, claiming that the home’s actual square footage was closer to 12,000 square feet, a jury found that Cortazzo had indeed made a false illustration of fabric reality” to Horiike. Nearly every useful resource agrees that along with a larger-than-common variety of bedrooms, loos, and square toes, a real mansion will have the next options. The film revolves around five guys and a lady who reside in the lap of luxury in a rock star’s mansion. I only watched one episode and it was something about some women dressing as much as go to a party on the Playboy Mansion. Usually, he said, a mansion would be expected to function about eight,000 sq. ft of space.

Other features would include: swimming pool, stunning fireplaces, giant completed basements, massive measurement heaps, access to or close to waterfront or a golf course; entertainment space together with a movie theater and enormous size windows. Blennerhasset directly invited me to join with her and Alisanda in an inspection of the mansion. Mansion home, the house during which one resides; particularly, in London and another cities, the official residence of the Lord Mayor. Baskett stars in a by-product of Women Next Door, titled Kendra, which focuses on her life after leaving the Playboy Mansion and getting engaged to then Philadelphia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett. It hovered, later, amid the blackness that surrounded the gloomy mansion where Josiah Bartram had lain during his final sickness. The mansion is to be rented out till his return, however the staff sneak off for a vacation, leaving the house empty.

Although the definition of penthouse has advanced to embody rather a lot lately, mentioned Darren Sukenik, a luxury gross sales agent with Douglas Elliman, the word’s core which means has remained the identical. So, this Saturday all of the Playmates, including Cindi… are gonna be on the Playboy Mansion… mingling with friends, sipping slightly alcoholic drinks.

The senora walked proudly back to the mansion whence she had come, her countenance radiant with joyful anticipation. It was reported that Sweet Spelling’s former mansion in LA LA had a room only for wrapping presents AND a bowling alley. The realm, where the mansion is, is a public park and the mansion serves as an historic place to tourists right this moment. The masons state that earlier than the mansion was constructed, one other home was positioned on the property, and the mansion was built on prime of the home, leaving the basement intact. The mansion house of the Belthorpes stood near the road, with the plantation extending to either side and to the rear. As for a quantitative standard, in late 1967, Sotheby’s Parke-Bernet actual estate property evaluators designated, in accord with longstanding precedent and follow, that, indeed, a house larger than 11,000 square ft (sq.